September 27, 2015 The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

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September 27, 2015     The Blood Lunar Eclipse

Last night we tried to look at the lunar eclipse at 9:27 p.m. as we were bringing our pets home from the hospital. It was difficult to see because it was cloudy in our area. Luckily our friend Mari Muchioli (Mooch), a professional photographer, shot an awesome picture of the lunar eclipse from East of Baltimore. Last nights lunar eclipse was a rare one because it falls in the cycle of Blood Moons in the past year.

Not only was there  an eclipse, but the moon was also be about 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual — a supermoon.

The moon will appear red as Sunday’s lunar eclipse reaches its peak — which was be at 9:47 p.m. CDT. (NASA)

Supermoons are not not rare. In fact this is the fifth one in 2015 alone. But yesterdays moon will be…

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  1. Very interesting. This is a great way to fine tune your writing skills too. You already write better than some college students I know.


  2. These are her writing assignments! Its from a Curriculum called Institute Excellence in Writing. They have bunches of books with different writing topics. Like This. I picked it bc it doubles as English/Writing and History. Plus we do so many history things when we are out and about. A lot of things count as History …. Maybe a Civics Course Next. But I also wanted to do the post Colonial and Civil War as well. So many fun topics. Then Industrial Rev and 20th Century. But I also have economics and world stage w politics as well.. from a Libertarian point of View.



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