Trip to Maryland State House

On December 30th,  my family was treated to a nearly private tour of the Maryland State House.  We learned a lot about Maryland history.  The  most important things were:

  1.  The Maryland State House actually served as the US Capitol for about one year from November 26, 1783 to August 13, 1784.
  2. George Washington Resigned his Military Commission at the end of the Revolutionary War inside the Maryland State House. (See George Washington Resigns His Military Commission)
  3. Maryland Actually had its own version of the Boston Tea Party. (See The Burning of the Peggy Stewart)
  4. John Hanson, a Marylander, was the first President under the articles of Confederation.  The Articles of Confederation were the guidelines for which the colonies/states interacted with each other before the Constitution was signed in 1789.


We would like to thank Maryland Legislative Services and Ms. Regina Todd for showing us around.


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