Greek and Roman Gods vs. The Christian God

Many different religions are practiced around the world.  Some worship many gods and some worship the One True God.  The Greeks and Romans worshipped many gods.  Christians worship the One True God.  If we look at the Greek and Roman religions we can see many differences with Christianity.

In Greek and Roman culture there are many imaginary gods. Some even call them myths. The Greek and Roman gods were quite spiteful and jealous. And since they were that way, they often seemed unpredictable. The gods of Greek and Roman culture reproduced in extremely strange ways, and would even interact with mortals creating many demigods. The Greek and Roman gods each had their individual powers. For example, Mars was the god of war, Poseidon was the god of the sea and Athena was the god of wisdom. Many of the Greek and Roman gods had human-like tendencies and many times they were not the best example of good behavior.


  On the other hand, our Christian God is real, and is talked about alot in the Bible. Our God is merciful and kind, and reproduced spiritually. Our God knows everything about everyone, and he is all powerful. God is constant and dependable, we always know he will do the right thing. God is above the human experience and his ways are something to aspire to. God is a good role model. 


So we can see that the Greek and Roman gods are very different from the One True God.  The Greek and Roman gods are petty and spiteful and are not good role models.  The One True God of Christianity is the perfect role model.  Different versions of pantheism and Christianity exist now and will exist into the future.