June 9th, 2016 – C/2015 WZ (PANSTARRS) reaches its brightest

Comet C/2015 WZ (PANSTARRS) is forecast to reach its brightest, at around mag 10.6. It will lie at a distance of 1.58 AU from the Sun, and at a distance of 1.18  AU from the Earth.

From Virginia, it will be visible in the dawn sky. It will rise at 17:24 (EDT), 11 hours and 38 minutes after the Sun, and attain an altitude of 74° above the northern horizon before fading from view as dawn breaks at around 04:29.

For more information about its path across the sky, see In-The-Sky.org’s emphermeris page for comet C/2015 WZ (PANSTARRS).

This event was automatically generated on the basis of orbital elements published by the Minor Planet Centor (MPC), and is updated daily (last update, 01 Jun 2016).

Note that the future positions of comets are typically known with a high degree of confidence, but their brightnesses are often much more unpredictable, since it is impossible to predict with certainty how they will respond as they move closer to the Sun. Magnitude estimates should be assumed to be highly provisional more than a few weeks in advance.


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