Three New School Activities and Plans

Recently we moved to a new state.  The laws for homeschooling here are different.  some of the different activities we have participated in over the last few weeks are homeschool gym.  We have joined a new co-op or two.  We are networking our way and meeting many new people.  Networking is really important because that is how you meet many people and find the people that are a good fit for you.  Networking skilbels will  especially useful skill when I look for my first a job when I am old enough.   Mom has also signed up to teach classes with the co-ops.  Next year will be interesting.


School and Group Activities

Saturday, my family attended a get together for our homeschool umbrella.  A homeschool umbrella group provides support for homeschool students a place to socialize and also one on one meetings with advisors on homeschool curriculum for each student.  The umbrella group also provides many social activities like there would be in public school  such as a Prom, SAT and PSAT practice testing and even some specialized classes/tutorials on specific topics like what you need to do to get into college.

On Saturday the first activity was lots of games for all ages.  Then we had class meetings where we talked about what mascot we wanted for our class and any group activities for our class we might want to do.  Also what school clubs we might be interested in. We went over the schedule of events for school meetings and also special events like PSAT testing and fun activities like pet day, a possible charity event or something social we could all do together like zip-lining. After the class meetings, there was a talent show and costume contest but we did not stay for that part. After the class meeting there was a talent show and costume contest, but we didn’t stay for that part.

Our next school get together will be this week.  It will be a fair featuring all kind of community clubs and activities that we might be interested in participating in.

We were very surprised at the number of students attending which was about 150 students from grades 7 through 12.  I have to wonder how many students there would have been if everyone who is enrolled in our group actually showed up?!

So homeschooling is a lot like going to public school activity and college preparation and social interaction.  One thing different though is that all the parents volunteer to run the activities and club meetings.