The town of Sparta

Sparta is one of the most powerful cities in Ancient Greece, although it was extremely different than Athens. This city was not well known for literature, architecture and or philosophy. Sparta is known for their exellent warriors, they were fierce amd and proud people. Boys about seven-years-old would leaves their homes to learn fighting techniques and strategies. The training was hard, but it was designed to make them tough and teach them to be able to survive in the toughest conditions of war. The older boys picked fights with the younger boys, and they were not given food or water and were expected to steal some. If they were caught, they were whipped, the boys also learned to lie, cheat and steal without getting caught.

Spartans were known as the greatest soldiers in Greece, they used spears and swords for weapons. They wore red so the blood from their wounds would not show, and when they fought they locked their shields together and advanced on an enemy. This strategy enabled them to win battles even when they were greatly outnumbered. For example, in their most famous battle, the Battle of Thermopylae, 300 Spartans held off hundreds of thousands of Persian soldiers.

The woman of Sparta are tough as well, they had more responsibilities and freedom than other women of Greece. his is mostly because their husbands did not live at home, they lived with other soldiers and only visited their families. This meant women were in charge at home, some even ran businesses.

Spartans had slaves called helots, they farmed their own land but had to give half of their crops to the Spartans. Helots were beaten every year to keep them fearful of their masters, and runaway slaves were killed. The Spartans were extremely fierce people.



Two dogs, one stick.

One cold day in our little lush backyard, there was a controversy between two little dogs; Chloe and Daisy. Chloe was burying the stick she had found, confident Daisy would not find it this time. But little did she know, Daisy was looming over her shoulder watching her every move. “Back off, Daisy! This is my stick!” Chloe yelped. “But I want it.” Daisy replied. The dogs began to growl at each other, before Daisy picked up the stick and took off. “If you want it you got to catch me!” The tall dog taunted. Chloe growled once more before attempting to catch up to Daisy, failing because of her short and stubby legs. Eventually, Daisy settled down with the stick and began to gnaw on it, while Chloe sadly watched. After Chloe tried to get the stick back, a giant hand seemingly came from the sky and broke the stick in half. Now both of the dogs were happy and had their own sticks.